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Investment Vehicles

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You invest with Caipiteal and we secure your investment in one of our funds. You will have the option to lock up your investment for a specified period of time to ensure it reaches future generations. We release a portion of the profits from the investment at designated periods to generate cash flow.

We Invest in The World

We ensure your capital is secure and continually growing by investing in indices and ETFs that hold a large basket of stocks from a given country, weighted based on GDP. Investing with Caipiteal is comparable to investing in the world and what civilizations consider valuable at any given time.


Caipiteal strategies are available in a variety of investment vehicles.

Currently, Caipiteal has over $5 billion in AUM waiting to be closed. As an additional security measure, we work with HAL Privatbank
(Hauck & Aufhäuser) as a fund manager to ensure your money is as secure as possible. The fund, once initial fundraising is complete, will be domiciled in Dublin, Ireland.

Our investing strategy is based on 17 years worth of backtests and over 40,000 years of forward-looking simulations based on 120 years of real-world market data. In every simulation case tested, our strategy results in significant wealth growth over a longer period of time. As we grow, we will offer additional products based on our unique investment strategy as well as sustainable market trends.

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About Caipiteal

Growing Together With High Investment Security

The purpose of Caipiteal is to grow generational wealth together and deliver unique insight and partnership for both global institutional investors and those in the private sector. We are an ultra macro long fund that gives investors exposure to ultra blue chip companies across the markets.

The firm's culture places emphasis on thoroughness, creativity, and tenacity. Caipiteal invests across global markets and takes a leading role in any given market situation to create value and mitigate risk.

We serve institutional and professional investors with a range of vehicles to suit their organization’s governance, pricing and liability needs. Based out of Dublin, Caipiteal is for high-net worth individuals, family offices and companies, investing a minimum of €100,000.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Caipiteal is run by Benjamin Boyle, MBA , a serial entrepreneur and investor with qualifications in business management, financial trading and investments, and capital markets. He received a B.Comm. from University College Dublin, an M.B.A. from Trinity College Dublin, a Diploma in Financial Trading, and another Diploma in Investments and Capital Markets, both from Dublin Business School. Benjamin has been the COO of two financial trading platforms in the past, Drive Markets and XChange. He has also worked for tech industry giants such as Google, VMware, Concentrix, and RedHat.

Benjamin has won a number of awards in artificial intelligence, fintech, and investing and received a lifetime achievement award. He has been recognized as a thought leader in City AM magazine, and Forbes speculated that he cracked the stock market back in 2017. That stock market crack earned 1,200% in 10 days by implementing the mathematical equation and investing in the Dow Jones 30 index. He has spoken at conferences around the world, including the World Blockchain Forum, and on various investing shows. Along with this, Benjamin is a husband and father of two wonderful boys.

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We have a policy of creating mutually beneficial solutions. We are always looking for talent and new value adding strategies. 

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