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9/10 wealthy families go broke by the third generation. Caipiteal is a place where you can invest your money and trust it will be safe and grow for generations to come. We have 2 core products, a generational wealth investment vehicle and high cash flow generating investments. Our flagship product, the generational wealth investment vehicle works on the premise that the investment principle you put in can never be taken out and will grow forever. Click the button below to see an example of what would happen investing in the world over 200 years.

Secure your decendants for generations to come and also generate high cash flow with Caipiteal!

Product 1: Generational Wealth Vehicle

Invest with Caipiteal

Invest with us and your investment principle is secure forever. Under no circumstances will we allow anyone ever remove the investment principle. You or your family will only ever be allowed remove 50% of the profits that are generated from your investments. The other 50% of the profits will be reinvested into the fund. This ensures there is always capital being compounded in, which ensures your wealth is always growing.

We Invest in The World

We do this by investing in Indices and ETFs that hold a large basket of stocks from a given country. For example, the USA accounts for 24.08% of the total global economy in 2022 so we invest 24.08% of your money in the S&P500 in 2022. If this number goes down next year we move the money to the country that has improved. In reality the numbers are slightly different as we adjust the exact percentage for available markets.

Product 2: High Cash Flow Generating Assets

Our second product allows you invest in low risk, high cash flow generating assets.
Some examples include hotels, apartments, mines, franchises, established businesses and drivers.

These investments are not subject to the same rules as the generational wealth creation vehicle. Each high cash flow generating asset purchase is uniquely structured so that you can access your capital incrementally and withdraw it should you wish to do so.

When it comes to purchasing high cash flow generating assets we include a double due dilligence process. What this means is the asset purchase will be analysed internally here at Caipiteal and also analysed by a large bank to ensure the investment meets an extremely high standard of balanced risk and return.

The secondary purpose of these vehicles is to build a saftey net for the world, so everyone that interacts with one of our high cash flow generating investments earns equity in Caipiteal. For example, if you live in one of our appartments you earn cash flow forever, even if you move out.

About Caipiteal

Growing Together With High Investment Security

Caipiteal was formed with the intention of creating secure and significant wealth for everyone and creating a financial security net for the world. The two products we have are designed to give every person a continuous cash flow as time goes on. This is the case as the Generational Wealth Creation Vehicle will eventually reach every person on the planet as families grow and cross with each other. In just a few generations time the Generational Wealth Creation vehicle will reach all families, it is less generations than you would think.

The company is run by Ben Boyle MBA. Ben has 4 business and investing qualifications and has been recognized in media such as Forbes for investing. In 2017 Ben cracked the financial markets, which would have made him a trillionaire (and helped a lot of people as a result), until a law was changed in the EU that made his financial markets crack obsolete. Along with this he has spoken at conferences all around the world and on various investing shows.

Although his investing history is impressive, he is also a leader in spreading love to the world. He went for the world record for having heard the word love, through music, more than any person in history and miraculously met and married a Brazilian woman with the maiden name Amorim, the Portuguese word for love, after the record attempt. On a quantum level you, your loved ones and the world, may be in a better place because of the work he has already done for you, and you may not even know it.

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Take a big step and secure a cash flow for yourself and your loved ones.

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