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Invest with us and your investment principle is secure forever. You can chose to lock up your principal for several generations, ensuring your family is safe. You or your family will only ever be allowed remove 50% of the profits that are generated from your investments. The other 50% of the profits will be reinvested into the fund. This ensures there is always capital being compounded in, which ensures your wealth is always growing.

We Invest in The World

We do this by investing in Indices and ETFs that hold a large basket of stocks from a given country. For example, the USA accounts for 24.08% of the total global economy in 2022 so we invest 24.08% of your money in the S&P500 in 2022. If this number goes down next year we move the money to the country that has improved. In reality the numbers are slightly different as we adjust the exact percentage for available markets.

Company Details and Documents

10% of millionaires declare bankruptcy
70% of wealthy families are broke by the second generation
90% of wealthy families go broke by the third generation.
We increase the chance of an individual or family remaining wealthy to close to 100%.

We have run 40,000 years of simulations and we can say Caipiteal will be here long after even Google is gone .

We have 2 funds, whichever segment you fit into we can have your legacy set up to grow forever:
Our first fund is based out of Dublin, Ireland and is for High Net Worth Individuals and Companies, investing a minimum of €100,000.
Our second fund is in Mauritius and is for the public, investing a minumum of $1,000.

Please see the below materials as reference to help you understand our offering, its security, and what you can expect from working with us:

About Caipiteal

Growing Together With High Investment Security

9/10 wealthy families lose their wealth by the third generation. The purpose of Caipiteal is to solve that problem and secure you and your family’s wealth and ensure it is growing and paying you, and them forever.

We achieve this by investing the entire global economy, weighting the size of the investment in each region based on the total percentage contribution of that region to the global economy. Once Mars has markets we will also be including that in our weighted investment process, and so on.

You can be sure your family’s wealth is secure and growing forever as one of the prerequisites for investing is that you can never remove the initial principle or 50% of the profits. These are used to compound in your investment gains, ensuring your family wealth is always secure and growing. The average expected return is approximately 11.5% per year, however as this is an ultra long term fund you can expect large fluctuations in this value as the economy goes through its natural cycle of boom and bust. This is irrelevant in the long term as you won’t be one of the families that gets wiped out in bust cycle times if you are invested with us.

Caipiteal is run by Benjamin J Boyle MBA, a father of 2 wonderful boys and a husband to his adoring wife. Benjamin has 4 business and investing qualifications and has been recognized as a thought leader in City AM magazine and Forbes speculated that he cracked the stock market back in 2017. That stock market crack earned him 1,200% in 10 days as he trialed the mathematical equation investing in the Dow Jones 30 index. Along with this Benjamin has spoken at conferences all around the world and on various investing shows. Further to this Benjamin has also cracked a casino game that can earn money 3 times a second with a chance of loss only once in 1,000 years.

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Take a big step and secure a cash flow for yourself and your loved ones.

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For legitimate investors, this has been added as we receive a large volume of illegal or scam requests and we're freeing up man hours.
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Earn With Caipiteal

We have a policy of creating Win-Win situations for everyone we come in contact with. If you are an financial advisor, investment banker, financial intermediary or even a website owner who wishes to advertise Caipiteal products, we are here to help you create the ideal partnership with us where all sides of the table win and win big. All our deals include infinite payouts to our partners for as log as financial markets survive.

We are also always happy to support individuals who want to earn income for themselves and are more than happy to discuss how you, as an individual, can work with us to create your ideal financial future.

Contact us and describe your situation and we will design a partnership package with you.


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