Seventh Side Quest

Welcome to Blockopoly!

The goal of the game is to get as many hotels as you can, the way you get a card is to have a celebrity or organization block you on social media. You cannot threaten them in any way. You may explain Blockopoly to them and ask them to block you. Please use a social media account that isn’t your primary life or business focus as it will effect your algorithm.
Once you have 3 from one group you can start to build hoses and hotels. To build the house you must have an organisation affiliated with them agree you can build a house. Once you have had the organisation agree 3 times you can build a hotel by having the 3 Blockopoly people who blocked you unblock you and say you can build a hotel.

You can trade cards with other players.


🪪Card = 1 Point

🪪🪪🪪Collection of 3 Cards = 100 Points

🏠House = 100 Points

🏨Hotel = 1000 Points

The Irish Government Collection

🪪Cormac Devlin

🪪Jennifer Carroll MacNeill

⭐️Irish Rugby Collection (Compete Collection)

🪪Cian Healy

🪪Jamie Heaslip

🪪Johnny Sexton

Spiritual Collection

🪪Uri Geller

🪪Theresa Chung

Irish Model Collection

🪪Rosana Davison

🪪Naomi Clarke

Large Organizations Collection

🪪US Army

Trump Cards

🪪Donald Trump Jr.

Music Artists


Have fun!!!

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