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The Caipiteal Generation

Generational wealth is a topic that’s been discussed a lot in recent years, but what exactly does it mean? You’ve probably heard it mentioned in connection with the “1%” or “99%,” but there’s more to generational wealth than just income disparity.

Generational wealth is the amount of assets (investments and savings) you have that you can pass down to future generations. It’s an important concept because it speaks to how much money each generation is able to save for their children and grandchildren. And those are the people who will be inheriting those assets.

The statistics on generational wealth are pretty sobering when you look at them from the perspective of younger Americans: according to a recent study conducted by Northwestern Mutual, only 48% of Americans feel secure about their financial future. This isn’t surprising when you consider that many young people are burdened with student loans and other debt—but it also means that we’re not saving enough for our futures! This is something we have to change as a society if we want things like Social Security to continue into the future!

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