Ninth Side Quest

As a lead on from side quest 8 we will continue.

This side quest is a side quest of acceptance. As Side quest 8 highlighted we live this life an infinite number of times in an infinite multiverse with an infinite number of possible truths that lead to it.

Therefore your Side Quest this week is to accept you are an infinite being as it’s 100% true that there is an afterlife if you consider all the variables.

We know that we live this life an infinite number of times in the multiverse and therefore, due to the nature of infinity, in 50% of them there is an afterlife and in 50% of them there is no afterlife. As the experience is exactly the same in them all we can just subtract the 50% where there is no afterlife and we know for certain that this exact experience therefore leads to an afterlife and all the subsequent experiences go on forever mathematically and scientifically.

So this week accept you are mathematically and scientifically an infinite being.

Welcome to the Caipiteal Kingdome with no end.

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