10% of Millionaires go Broke
Increase Your Chance of Staying Wealthy to 100%

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Caipiteal | Secure Generational Wealth

The Generational Wealth Solution

  • 10% of millionaires declare bankruptcy.
  • 70% of wealthy families are broke by the second generation.
  • 90% of wealthy families go broke by the third generation.

We increase the chance of an individual or family remaining wealthy to close to 100%. We will pay you, and all your descendants for as long as financial markets survive. Invest today, receive payouts for as long as financial markets survive.

Invest as little as $1,000, your family’s legacy starts with you!

We have run 17 years worth of back tests and  over 40,000 years worth of simulations and the results speak for themselves. You can contact us and we will share all the data with you so you can confirm all the math yourself.

No need to worry about Generational Wealth any longer, Caipiteal is here now to make sure you, and your family remain financially secure.

Our Process

Invest with Caipiteal

Invest with us and your investment principle is secure forever. You can chose to lock up your principal for several generations, ensuring your family is safe. You or your family will only ever be allowed remove 50% of the profits that are generated from your investments. The other 50% of the profits will be reinvested into the fund. This ensures there is always capital being compounded in, which ensures your wealth is always growing.

We Invest in The World

We do this by investing in Indices and ETFs that hold a large basket of stocks from a given country. For example, the USA accounts for 24.08% of the total global economy in 2022 so we invest 24.08% of your money in the S&P500 in 2022. If this number goes down next year we move the money to the country that has improved. In reality the numbers are slightly different as we adjust the exact percentage for available markets.