You Must Increase Christmas Spirit

For this side quest you have been tasked with increasing Christmas Spirit. For centuries those who are against the Magick of Christmas have been spreading lies that Santa isn’t real. These lies have been everywhere, in songs, TV shows, movies. These lies are, and have always been, driven by naughty list members who infuriated the […]

Thirteenth Side Quest

Go to the bathroom, put your headphones in… Synch your movements to the song you chose while singing it. If you don’t know what song to use here are some we have covered and are stored on the Akashic records: Disney’s Gaston Ireland’s Call Ode to Joy (Anthem of Europe) Please comment below the tracks […]

Twelfth Side Quest

Do a complete faith quest. (Master Level) We did this one because we missed a week so wanted to do something epic to make up for it. For example: Jack (Simon Covney) was emailed that (with no material knowing, only faith on my part) just before he gave the below speech:

Tenth Side Quest

As Ten is 10 we’re going to go all quantum here. Your side quest this week is to initiate an extreme synchronous event in reality or perform a miracle, here is the science behind how it works so you can follow the rabbit hole: 1) Double Slit Experiment shows everything is in superposition2) Intention and […]

Ninth Side Quest

As a lead on from side quest 8 we will continue. This side quest is a side quest of acceptance. As Side quest 8 highlighted we live this life an infinite number of times in an infinite multiverse with an infinite number of possible truths that lead to it. Therefore your Side Quest this week […]

Eighth Side Quest

Welcome to the eight side quest. As the number 8 is the same as the infinity symbol ∞ we have a special side quest for you. First some context: In an infinite multiverse we know that we live this exact life, experience by experience, moment by moment an infinite number of times. Therefore you live […]

Seventh Side Quest

Welcome to Blockopoly! The goal of the game is to get as many hotels as you can, the way you get a card is to have a celebrity or organization block you on social media. You cannot threaten them in any way. You may explain Blockopoly to them and ask them to block you. Please […]

Fifth Side Quest

Go to a park and create a new side quest. For example, it could be sitting on every statue of one type of walking around every tree. One of my son’s favorites id throwing stones in a pond or fountain and throwing them in every degree we can of all 360 degrees.