Caipiteal Creates An opportunity To Invest In High Cash Flow Generating Assets

A platform where anyone can invest in low risk, high cash flow generating assets

Caipiteal is inviting prospective investors to take advantage of the opportunity it has created to invest in low-risk, high cash flow generating investments. Caipiteal promises to only accept investors’ money if its double due diligence process reveals that their investments will generate a higher Return On Investment (ROI) than they currently get elsewhere. The offer is open to both retail and institutional investors and all money invested is in low risk, high cash flow generating assets rather than riskier investments like startups.

Caipiteal was founded in 2018 and is a renowned investment platform that offers significant returns through both institutional investments and equity crowdfunding. The pool of capital generated is used to purchase high cash flow generating assets that have a strong track history. Investors can invest in cash cows with Caipiteal for as low as €1,000, allowing them to be entitled to an equity and payout percentage based on the size of their initial investments. The company operates on the policy of ‘the more you invest, the more of the pool you get.’

Caipiteal strictly invests in cash flow generating machines such as hotels, apartments, mines, franchises, established businesses, and other opportunities that show stability. The institutional investing side of the business works with high net worth individuals, funds and family offices to assist them in increasing the Return on Investment (ROI) they generate from their capital. The company drives value through its assurance that it will give investors a positive projected Net Present Value (NPV) and higher ROI than they currently get. All asset purchases are done through newly formed Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) so the investor themselves actually owns an equity percentage in the asset as opposed to having their money invested in a fund.  

“Caipiteal was launched with the purpose of allowing anyone generate a steady monthly cash-flow, regardless of their current net worth. We use a mix of debt and equity funding to purchase assets with low risk and high cash flow. All the money invested is used to purchase assets, once we reach a capital amount where we can afford to purchase an asset with a high return we invest it, we leave no money on the table. You can therefore rest assured every penny you invest goes to making you more money. Our management are extremely qualified and work with institutional lenders to assess the viability of every asset prior to purchasing it, giving you the peace of mind that every asset purchase will have due diligence conducted by big banks to ensure it meets high standards of risk and return tolerance.” said the company’s spokesperson.

If you want a higher Return on Investment (ROI) and continuous cash flow Caipiteal is the company to invest with. Own a part of real assets that are about as safe and secure as it gets. 

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