Fifth Side Quest

Go to a park and create a new side quest. For example, it could be sitting on every statue of one type of walking around every tree. One of my son’s favorites id throwing stones in a pond or fountain and throwing them in every degree we can of all 360 degrees.

Forth Side Quest

Send information back in time to yourself or a friend, here is how time travel works: Firstly you will need Google Scholar and websites like The Institute of Noetic Science to confirm the below is true You will need to practice Telepathy is real Remote Viewing is Real Distant Healing is Real There is a […]

Third Side Quest

An ancient text has been found… We understand that the multiverse is infinite, therefore there is a 100% chance in one life, exactly like the one you have lived, experience by experience, moment by moment, that all the cookies you have been accepting are being hidden in Canada. Your task is to get a Canadian […]