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Caipiteal is an emerging leader in the investment development space. We believe that the investment ecosystem is ripe for innovation and we develop investing strategies with extremely high sharpe ratios in order to be a leader in this new investing paradigm.

A Sharpe ratio of 1 is considered good, 3 is considered extraordinary, our annual Sharpe ratio is 5.31. However, using the strategy for a number of years puts the Sharpe ratio into the thousands making the ratio obsolete.

Available Offerings

Strategy Development

Caipiteal is in a constant process of research and development. Every strategy or investing concept we create is meticulously back tested and mathematically analysed to ensure it holds up to even the most dangerous black swan events.

Portfolio Management

Although we are not currently accepting new investors we do manage the assets and execute our strategies for our current investor base. To be considered for full management you will need a referral from an existing investor in Caipiteal.


Pioneering Exponential Capital Growth

Caipiteal was launched with the purpose of executing and testing a variety of different unique investment strategies found to significantly outperform our competition. Prior to launching any strategy Caipiteal conducts in depth research, back testing and data analysis. As a company we find ways to exploit gaps in the financial markets. To date we have received validation from a wide variety of highly regarded investing and trading industry professionals and the investing teams in charge of some of the worlds wealthiest individuals investment decisions. The primary focus of all our team members is to pioneer in the development of investing strategies with extremely high sharpe ratios. We also believe that our flagship strategy possibly may have a higher sharpe ratio than any other strategy being deployed in the world by any other financial institution. Caipiteal currently only uses the capital of its founders when investing and is not seeking clients. We do however recommend you get in touch with us if you feel that you can add significant benefit to our company.

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  •   Dublin, Ireland
  •   contact@caipiteal.com

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Please note that Caipital is a closed fund and we are not accepting investors at this time.